Tips for Summer Time Clean Up

Here are some routine maintenance methods to help you maintain your home in better shape and make sure everything is in working order.

Things like soil and leaves remain on your driveway and can cause everything to have a darker brown color rather than the fresh bright color that it used to appear to be. Cracks need to be filled and it is a good idea to seal the driveway each year to prepare for the next winter. or

Trees and bushes need to be trimmed back so they will be simpler to work with after they start developing. Move around any sticks, foliage, or rocks that are in the way. Pull weeds and bag up all pine needles/pine cones so that they do not inhibit growth. Add new soil to flower beds and start watering as soon as your weather allows it. or

Get your roof and shingles looked at to ensure there hasn’t been any damage or lifting, holes or leaks that may have occurred during the winter months. You could employ someone to do this. or

Now is a good time to clean and care for your outside windows. There are several professionals that can do windows that are too high for an average ladder. Once they are cleaned up, inspect them. If you see any cracks you will want to replace these windows prior to the fall.

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