Schaffer’s Mill, final opportunity to take advantage of the
low $1000 Enrollment Fee (and delay any dues payments until May of 2012!).


Schaffer’s Mill recently introduced the Membership
Reservation offering, and it has been extremely well received. In fact, nearly
20 new Members have joined Schaffer’s Mill since September 1st alone, securing
their low Enrollment Fee before it goes up at the end of the season.
Essentially our Membership Reservation program allows someone to lock-in the
current $1,000 enrollment fee and delay any dues responsibility until May of


The details of the Membership Reservation are as follows:


·   Enrollees pay the
$1,000 non-refundable Enrollment Fee between now and October 31, 2011 (this
locks-in the current Enrollment Fee, which we have officially confirmed will be
raised at the end of this season)


·  Upon payment of the
Enrollment Fee, dues responsibilities may be delayed until May 2012, at which
time the annual dues payment of $4,500 is required


·  At the point the
$1,000 Enrollment Fee is paid, those with a reservation may access the golf
course for the remainder of this season at the Member Accompanied Guest Rate of
$80 per player


With an increased Enrollment Fee on the horizon and the
incredibly easy and affordable Membership Reservation program on the table,
there’s simply never been a better time to become a Member at Schaffer’s Mill
Club.  The Membership Reservation program
is a limited time offer and will expire at the end of October.

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