Piers & Buoys – Update on TRPA Shorezone Ordinance Update

Recent funding issues have caused the shorezone update process to stall. TRPA is expected to procure the necessary funding in the next several months to resume work on the important shorezone ordinance update. TLOA objected to the use of mooring fees for these studies, and rightly so. Both states and TRPA have the responsibility to provide an updated ordinance package for the public since this regulation and policy direction will shape all aspects of environmental, recreation, and development potential for the next 20 years.


TLOA will monitor and engage in the process as it progresses, and we will keep our members informed. In the meantime, every lakefront owner should be assessing their structures to keep them in good repair, especially those with rock crib piers. While the water is low, it is an ideal time to consider cost-effective maintenance and repair opportunities. Please observe all laws and regulations when performing any work in the shorezone.


For now:

– No TRPA fees or registration required for buoys, boathouses, or boatlifts;


– TRPA is allowing qualified applicants to exchange a buoy for a boatlift;


– Repair, modification, and expansion of piers are being allowed during this interim period with some restrictions.


Visit the TRPA website for more information: http://www.trpa.org/programs/shorezone/

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