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The Town is considering a shift in its curbside yard waste collection program by replacing green bags with 96-gallon rolling carts. If approved by the Council the program would be implemented over a two year process. It would first be rolled out in Tahoe Donner and Glenshire in May 2015 with all remaining neighborhoods in 2016. This change would result in a one-time cart delivery fee for those choosing to participate, however this eliminates the need to purchase green bags on an ongoing basis. Yard waste collection costs are currently part of the basic solid waste refuse collection fee which is included on the property tax bill. The new program would run April 1 to November 30 each year with every other week collection, and is intended for ongoing yard maintenance. For larger yard clean-ups the reduced cost dumpsters and free drop-off at Eastern Regional Landfill will continue to be offered. Participation in this survey will help the Town of Truckee gauge interest in the new program, and allow for the best program possible to be implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the Town of Truckee and Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal (TTSD) trying to accomplish by switching from green bags to 96 gallon rolling carts?
    • Town of Truckee and TTSD are looking into undertaking a switch for several reasons. First, this program would cause a significant decrease in plastic green bags. Since program inception, TTSD has collected 357,000 green bags and although these bags are sent for recycling the manufacturing and end of life recycling processes have significant impacts on our environment. Second, the current operation is not automated meaning a trash collector must manually pick up each bag (bags are currently limited to 40 pounds each) but with a 96 gallon cart the garbage truck will have an automatic arm to pick up carts. Furthermore, carts will be able to handle larger branches and heavier material collection which are not allowed in the green bags. Third, with this new program there would be no issue with piles of green bags sitting out throughout the summer. Finally, carts will save residents money! Currently residents have the ongoing cost of green bags to participate in the program but with carts residents pay a onetime delivery fee and that’s it!
  2. What is the cost of the 96 gallon rolling cart?
    • The cart delivery and usage fee is proposed at $35.00 each. The Town is considering a discount option for residents preferring to pick up their cart at an event – this is proposed at $20.00 each. Additionally, those signing up for the program early (tentatively set for the month of May – stay tuned!) will also be offered a reduced cart delivery fee.
  3. Are the free yard waste drop-off periods at ERLand the reduced cost dumpster still available?
    • Yes! These programs will still be available and we encourage residents to use these easy programs!
  4. Is the Truckee Sanitation District involved in this process?
    • No, the Truckee Sanitation District is responsible for sewer waste water and is not directly involved in this process.
  5. How will the carts be identified?
    • The carts will each have a serial number that is associated with an address.
  6. Why doesn’t the Town implement rolling carts for recycling and trash?
    • As of right now we are focusing on yard waste due to current facility operations and the TTSD fleet. Generally, communities with three cart service – recycling, trash and green waste – are populated by full-time residents who can place carts at the curb the morning of collection and retrieve them the same day. Carts are serviced with an automatic collection truck. Although the three cart system would work well for some of Truckee neighborhoods about a third of Truckee residential houses and even more condos use bear boxes. This means trash personnel must open the bear box and retrieve trash and recycling manually, which prevents automated collection.  Although discussion to improve collection services are ongoing, the Town is working to improve green waste services first before moving to other waste streams.
  7. Can Placer County residents participate?
    • For the moment this program is restricted to Truckee residents.
  8. Where will I store the carts?
    • Carts can be stored in your garage, shed, under the porch, or on the side of the house.
  9. How does the cost of green bags compare to the 96 gallon rolling cart?
    • Green bags cost about $1.25 per bag. According to the survey most residents set out 13-24 and 25-50 green bags a year. Residents who set out 13-24 bags they pay $16.25 – $30 per year. Residents who use 25-50 green bags a year pay between $31.25 – $62.50 per year. The cart will cost between $35 for a one time delivery fee, and after that residents will not have to pay for the carts anymore. Furthermore, carts usually have a 10-year warranty on them!

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