The South Pole Push Needs Your Help!

Hoping you will help spread the word of the most amazing fundraiser High Fives Non-Profit Foundation has ever point on to date. We are running a fundraising campaign through Crowdrise , an online platform for fundraising projects of 501.c.3 Non-Profits

Here is the link to BUY a PUSH:

*The project: *250,000 Push Strokes by Grant Korgan to push himself into the South Pole and become the first adpative athelte ever to ski into the South Pole. If you do not know the story of Grant Korgan or the story of the PUSH: A South Pole Adventure

I am asking you all to buy 1 push for $10, we are trying to raise $2.5 million dollars for High Fives Foundation and the Reeve-Irvine Research Center. If we purchase all of the needed 250,000 strokes at $10/each we
will raise that amount of money. Please share this story with everyone, encourage others to donate, spread all over social media, and please take the time to buy one push of Grant Korgan’s amazing journey to the South Pole.

Happy Holidays and purchase the most amazing present this year, by buying a slice of the human spirit needed to make this journey happen.

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