Trinkie Watson’s Buyer’s Guarantee

By signing a Buyer Representation Agreement with Chase International and Trinkie Watson, you help us to prioritize your needs at the top of our list.  It shows us that you are serious about purchasing a property and because of your commitment to us we, we guarantee our attention to you in the following ways:

1.       Automated Systems: You will immediately be signed up in our automated system to receive properties in your “in box” the second they are registered on the MLS.  You may refine the search by sending us an email specifying (how what and where) what needs to change and we guarantee the changes will be made to the Search Criteria within 24 hours.

2.       Agent Involvement and Feedback: You will continue to receive automated emails directly from the Tahoe Sierra Multiple Listing Service based off of the requirements that you have provided us on our Buyer Questionnaire, and we will be monitoring what you receive.  If any are of particular quality or interest you will receive additional correspondence (phone or email) telling you to take a closer look.

3.       Follow Up Information: If you have questions about a property, our staff will send you follow up information (such as parcel maps, assessor reports and or other pertinent information) within 12 hours of the receipt of your correspondence to us.  If more information is needed, we will do our best to get you the answers in less than a day, provided that the

4.       Priority Showing Times: We have many buyers that want us to show properties over the weekends.  Upon signing the Buyer Representation Agreement we will guarantee you a priority showing times based conveniently off of your schedule (even on the busy holiday weekends) to view the inventory that you would like to see.  If we are already booked with a buyer who has committed to us, we will arrange another qualified agent in our office to take you out and show you properties at our expense.

5.       Seasoned Expertise: Trinkie has been in real estate for over 44 years.  She has developed a strong understanding of building practices, rentals, property management, investments, and so much more.  Using her resources she will provide you, the buyer, the most comprehensive understanding of purchasing a property in Truckee.

So we can better serve you with your Lake Tahoe real estate search please fill out Our Buyers Questionnaire.

To send us a question or comment please email us at [email protected].