Here is a link on the proposed Biomass plant; this link also
has a four minute informational video.


We do not think most people realize how this plant will
impact the north shore. Here is a photo of the biomass plant in Loyalton,


I not sure why there is no smoke, but I know the plant was
closed and then re-opened.


Here is a random photo of a biomass plant in operation,


What I have heard but have not verified is:

1) A biomass plant is similar to a pulp mill.

2) Lake Tahoe is one of the few places in Placer County
where the air is currently clean enough to build the plant.

3) The smoke will be spewed into the atmosphere 24/7

4) The plant will negatively impact our air quality,
especially in the winter.

5) Placer
County is spending a lot
of money for an Environmental Impact Study, which the opponents feel is
evidence the county will proceed with the plant if allowed.

6) People in Loyalton complained about ash falling downwind
from the plant. If built in Kings Beach, Crystal
Bay and Incline Village
will be impacted.

I hope to find out if points above are true at the meeting
on Tuesday.


Here is a short article by Alan Markow about the proposed
plant, he mentions the small biomass plant in Carson City that was open in 2007 and shut
down in 2010,


Here is the petition,


There is a Facebook page,


and a Twitter page,!/SaveLakeTahoe


The Friends of Lake Tahoe oppose the plant,

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