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Shoreline Plan At its Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018, meeting, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Governing Board approved a new Shoreline Plan for Lake Tahoe.

The Shoreline Plan was developed through a collaborative process that included TRPA, Lake Tahoe Marina Association, Tahoe Lakefront Owners’ Association, League to Save Lake Tahoe, Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, Nevada Division of State Lands, and California State Lands Commission.

The plan sets development caps and regulations for new shoreline structures such as piers, buoys, and public boat ramps and creates a framework for marinas to enhance their facilities if they incorporate environmental improvements into the project.

The Shoreline Plan also creates new programs to ensure shoreline structures and boating activity do not harm the environment, scenery, or recreation experiences at Lake Tahoe. The cost of these programs will be paid for through new fees fairly apportioned to various shoreline users and structures, including mooring registration fees, an increase in boat sticker fees, and boat rental concession fees that will take effect before the 2019 boating season.

New shoreline programs will include stronger boater education and enforcement of the 600-foot no-wake zone at Lake Tahoe, expansion of the no-wake zone to all Emerald Bay, and new no-wake zone buffers around swimmers, paddlers, and shoreline structures at Tahoe to prevent unsafe boating near the shoreline where motor boats, paddlers, and swimmers interact.

Other programs provide coordinated enforcement against illegal boat moorings on the lake; more projects to prevent the spread of harmful aquatic invasive species; enhanced monitoring for noise and scenic impacts from boating activity and shoreline structures; and provisions to keep boats with aftermarket exhaust systems that exceed TRPA, California, and Nevada noise limits from operating on the lake.

People are encouraged to visit to learn more about the plan and new programs, permitting processes and phases, and fees. At the website, people can read a Shoreline Implementation Program Report that details how the Shoreline Plan will take effect in coming months and sign up for email newsletters about upcoming implementation actions.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board directed agency staff to implement a partial permitting program for the shorezone of Lake Tahoe following the 2010 court ruling that recalled the updated shorezone ordinances adopted in 2008. Under this current partial permitting program, TRPA is accepting applications for certain non-boating facility projects and for the maintenance, repair, reconstruction, modification, and expansion of legally existing boating structures that do not adversely affect the environment, either individually or cumulatively. TRPA will not accept or process applications for the permitting of new boating facilities, including piers, buoys, slips, boat ramps and boat lifts, and applications for deviation from standards for allowable length beyond the pierhead line for legally existing, privately owned multiple use piers, until the completion of additional environmental review by TRPA.

TRPA has developed guidelines to implement the partial permitting program and screening criteria to assist applicants in determining whether certain projects may be accepted and processed under the partial permitting program. The partial shorezone permitting program will extend until TRPA completes further environmental analysis and brings forward updated Shorezone ordinances for consideration by the TRPA Governing Board.

2014-04 Shorezone Partial Permitting
2011-09 Shorezone Partial Permitting

Go to Shorezone Applications & Forms to find out what projects can currently be permitted.

Marina Master Plan Guidelines

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