Squaw Valley USA will host the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour with the KT-22 Banzai on the opening weekend of North Lake Tahoe SnowFest. The iconic KT-22 chair accesses Squaw’s most epic terrain and RBT gets a piece of the action. Start location and route will be off the top of KT hooking a right into GS Bowl, funneling into Schimmelpfennig and motoring to the bottom of Julia’s Gold. The upper section can have some airs in play depending on speed and tactics of competitors. The best seat in the house will be on the KT-22 chair as heats battle down the mountain, on corner at top of Extrabitchin’ Chair and at the base area finish. Rahlves’ Banzai Apres Party, hosted by High Fives Org will be at The Loft Bar in Le Chamois. The local watering hole where the good times roll. http://rahlvesbanzai.com/

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