Lake Tahoe resorts had a bountiful holiday season with new snow, good weather for travel, and almost the world her to enjoy the area.  Truckee statistics indicated about 120,000 in residence, judging from the number of flushes.  Normal residency is about 17,000.  The weekends following the holiday continue to be jammed, with Sugar Bowl having its biggest day ever on January 9.  Since then we’ve had a bit of rain as temps have risen, but we’re getting a mix of snow and rain —all good for the watershed.


With skimpy snow in the last few years, we’re grateful to see the enthusiastic crowds return.  Should be good fuel for real estate sales in 2016.   The attached report covers the Tahoe Region, comparing residential sales in 2015 vs. 2014.    Best wishes, Trinkie Watson, Chase International

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