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Million-Dollar Homes Lead Tahoe Market in 2017

ZEPHYR COVE, Nev. (Jan. 4, 2018) – Spurred by a booming high-end real estate market, Lake Tahoe experienced a 17 percent jump in the number of homes sold over $1 million around the lake over the previous year. The median price of a home is up seven percent to $585,000.

Despite an uptick in price and sale of luxury homes, the overall number of homes sold was down one percent. Volume was up 11 percent. The figures are part of a quarterly report released by Lake Tahoe-based real estate agency Chase International. The numbers compare all MLS home sales from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017 to the same time frame of 2016.

Incline Village saw the biggest increases in sales, with a 27 percent jump in volume, followed by Tahoe City with 12 percent. Tahoe City also had a significant increase in the sale of million-dollar homes, up 26 percent. The median price of a home in Tahoe City is up ten percent to $650,000 while Incline Village has the highest median price around the lake at $1,062,000 (up five percent).

South Shore saw a 32-percent jump in the sale of million-dollar homes. The area also has the lowest priced median home of $439,000, a six percent increase from 2016. The South Shore and East Shore saw decreases in the sale of homes priced under $1 million, six and 25 percent, respectively. Lake-wide, homes priced under a million was down four percent.

“Faster economic growth in recent quarters, the booming stock market and continuous job gains are fueling substantial demand for buying a home as 2017 comes to an end,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors. “As evidenced by a subdued level of first-time buyers and increased share of cash buyers, move-up buyers with considerable down payments and those with cash made up a bulk of the sales activity last month. The odds of closing on a home are much better at the upper end of the market, where inventory conditions continue to be markedly better.”

The sale of high-end condos (priced over $500,000) also showed considerable improvement, with a 51 percent jump. Tahoe City had a staggering 111-percent increase in volume sold.

The sale of million-dollar homes in Truckee was up nine percent with a four percent increase in homes priced under a million. The median price of a home in Truckee is $673,500, up seven percent from 2016.

Lake Tahoe Month End Elevations 1900-2015

Tahoe Graph - Mar 2015

Annual Average Secchi Depth – Lake Tahoe 1965-2015


Around Tahoe Truckee Channel 104

Piers & Buoys – Update on TRPA Shorezone Ordinance Update

Recent funding issues have caused the shorezone update process to stall. TRPA is expected to procure the necessary funding in the next several months to resume work on the important shorezone ordinance update. TLOA objected to the use of mooring fees for these studies, and rightly so. Both states and TRPA have the responsibility to provide an updated ordinance package for the public since this regulation and policy direction will shape all aspects of environmental, recreation, and development potential for the next 20 years.


TLOA will monitor and engage in the process as it progresses, and we will keep our members informed. In the meantime, every lakefront owner should be assessing their structures to keep them in good repair, especially those with rock crib piers. While the water is low, it is an ideal time to consider cost-effective maintenance and repair opportunities. Please observe all laws and regulations when performing any work in the shorezone.


For now:

– No TRPA fees or registration required for buoys, boathouses, or boatlifts;


– TRPA is allowing qualified applicants to exchange a buoy for a boatlift;


– Repair, modification, and expansion of piers are being allowed during this interim period with some restrictions.


Visit the TRPA website for more information:

Interesting Facts About Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe’s water surface area makes up about 40% of the Tahoe Basin, or 191 square miles.

  • Lake Tahoe is about 22 miles long and 12 miles wide with 72 miles of shoreline.
  • The greatest measured depth is 1,645 feet, and averages 1,000 feet. The floor of Lake Tahoe is lower than the surface of the Carson Valley to the east.
  • Lake Tahoe is two-thirds in the state of California and one-third in the state of Nevada.
  • Sixty-three streams flow into Lake Tahoe, but there is only one outlet in Tahoe City
  • The water in Lake Tahoe could cover a flat area the size of California by 14 inches. This is also enough to supply everyone in the United States with 50 gallons of water per day for 5 years. And believe it or not, the amount of water that evaporates from the surface of Lake Tahoe every year could supply a city the size of Los Angeles for 5 years.

Lake Tahoe real estate market picked up steam in 2014

 Lake Tahoe real estate market picked up steam in 2014



The Lake Tahoe real estate market continued its post-recession improvement last year, according to Nevada-based Chase International.


The 2014 median sales price of a Lake Tahoe home increased 7 percent year-over-year to $475,000; the average price was $807,088, up 4 percent from the previous year.

Unit sales, however, were down around the lake, with overall sales volume dipping 8 percent. Homes selling for more than $1 million were down 6 percent.

Sue Lowe, corporate broker and senior vice president for Chase, said fewer homes were available for buyers re-entering the market. “We like slow and steady improvement,” Lowe said in a statement. “It’s a sign of a stable and healthy market. Sales will catch up and further increase home values.”

Chase said Tahoe City showed the biggest improvement last year with a 14 percent jump in sales volume, a 24 percent rise in average price ($966,456) and a 7 percent jump in median price ($545,000), compared with 2013.

More details are at



Photo by

One of Lake Tahoe’s most iconic estates, the Thunderbird Lodge, starts summer off early this week, kicking off public tours ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.

The Thunderbird Lodge was built in the 1930s by George Whittell Jr. and represents some of the best craftsmanship in stone, iron and wood of the era.

“Two of the most stunning pieces of Lake Tahoe’s history are Thunderbird Lodge and Thunderbird Yacht,” according to the Thunderbird’s website. “The eccentric San Francisco real estate magnate, George Whittell, Jr., built the magnificent Tudor Revival summer estate between 1936 and 1939 and commissioned the Yacht in 1939. Located on Nevada’s eastern shore of Lake Tahoe, the historic site consists of a main lodge surrounded by three cottages, a card house, a boathouse, an elephant house, a lighthouse, three garages, and a gatehouse all nestled in a high desert pine forest.”

New to the National Historic Site this year are recently restored waterfalls. The half-acre man-made falls were originally built in the late 1930s and restored with help of the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society, said Barbi Mooberry, marketing and administrative manager at the lodge.

“Originally, Marlette Creek water was diverted through the property, cascaded into the water feature, then into moats surrounding the house, filled pools in what is now the lakeside lawn, and tumbled through a series of weirs into Lake Tahoe,” according to the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society’s winter newsletter. “In addition to the visual effect, this flow supplied irrigation for the ground, domestic drinking water, and electricity via a penstock to a turbine plant generating hydroelectric power.”

In addition to exploring the grounds of the Thunderbird Lodge and viewing the Thunderbird Yacht during tours, guests will also hear a little bit about Whittell Jr., Mooberry said. The stories about Whittell are as varied as they are colorful.

“Numerous legends surround Whittell’s activities at his Lake Tahoe estate, including colorful parties and high-stakes gambling in the card house,” according to the site. “The eccentric Whittell collected a veritable zoo of wild animals that made guest appearances at the Thunderbird Lodge each summer. Whittell’s interest in new technology such as automobiles and airplanes catered to his desire for high speed and risk taking.”

Thunderbird tours:

Public tours by land are offered May 20 through Oct. 18. The tours are $39 for adults and $19 for children ages 6-12. Tours start from the Incline Village Visitor Center at 969 Tahoe Blvd. For more information visit

Friday Wine & Cheese Tours are also available for $100 per person. The tours take place at 2:30 p.m. every Friday in July and August.

A variety of options are also available to reach the Thunderbird by water.

From South Shore: 888-867-6394 or

• One tour per day, Tuesday through Saturday, June through October

• 10:30 a.m. departure from Zephyr Cove at South Shore

From North Shore: 775-831-4386 or

• One tour per day; Thursday, Friday and Saturday; June through October

• 9 a.m. departure from Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa and Casino in Incline Village

Kayak tours: 530-913-9212 or 866-830-6125 or

• Tuesday paddle tours from Sand Harbor.

Adam Jensen
[email protected]

Lake Tahoe Enviromental Improvement Program


$11.9 Million North Shore Lake Tahoe Billionaire’s Row


If you’re looking for a vacation home, or at least a home that feels like a vacation, it’s worth looking in to this Lake Tahoe lakefront estate.

Located on the north shore of Tahoe’s “Billionaire’s Row,” the house includes some serious amenities like your own private pier and beach.

Listed by Chase International for $US11.9 million, it was originally built in 1949 large windows in almost every room to soak in the view.

And aside from the three bedrooms, the home includes a library, office, family room, and separate guesthouse.

The $US11.9-million home sits on a secluded one-acre lot.



For Immediate Release

Tahoe Real Estate Market Continuing to Show Appreciation Tahoe Market Home Sale Prices are Up

ZEPHYR COVE, Nev. (April 14, 2014) –The Lake Tahoe real estate market experienced notable increases in both average and median home prices during the first quarter of 2014, which is good news for sellers.  For Tahoe as a whole, which combines the East Shore, South Shore, Tahoe City and Incline Village/Crystal Bay markets, the volume of sales was down nine percent.  Yet the median home price in Tahoe increased 12 percent and the average price climbed 11 percent to $876,611.  The entire region has had record lows in inventory contributing to the decrease in units sold and volume sold.  The one sector at Tahoe where the volume of sales increased, was at the ski resort communities of Northstar, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, by 39 percent.

The most impressive numbers to come out of the region recently were in Tahoe City where sales volume jumped 48 percent over last year at this time, with $53,884,250 in volume sales recorded in 2014’s first quarter.  Tahoe City’s average price increased a whopping 113 percent to $1,314,250, and the median price climbed 51%, from $417,000 last year to $630,000 during this year’s first quarter.

Incline Village showed an increase in average price of 23 percent, to $1,703,476.  The number of units sold in South Shore over $1 million jumped by 100 percent.  And the average price in South Shore increased by 20 percent, to $436,884. The East Shore market was down, due to several large sales that transpired in 2013 and a continued lack of inventory.

These figures are part of a quarterly report released by Lake Tahoe-based real estate company Chase International.

“There continues to be an uptick of interest and sales in the market’s upper end offerings,” said Sue Lowe, corporate vice president for Chase International. “And in the under $1 million market, prices are continuing to climb.”

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors notes that NAR’s forecast for home sales is to be lower by five percent in the first half of this year versus the same period a year ago.  However, Yun predicts that sales are projected to be two to three percent higher in the second half of the year, and home prices, because of a nationwide inventory shortage, will keep marching higher.

The Truckee market posted some impressive gains with a sharp jump in median price of homes sold—up 29 percent to $635,000 and an average home price increase of 24 percent, to $858,304.  However, Truckee sales volume over this time last year was down six percent.

Headquartered in Lake Tahoe, Nevada since 1986, with ten offices in the region (Zephyr Cove, Glenbrook, Incline Village, Tahoe City, Squaw Valley, Graeagle, Truckee, South Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley and Reno) and one in London, England, Chase International and its exclusive affiliations handle a large share of the country’s property. With 260 professional Realtors® boasting an array of industry certifications and the highest volume per sales agent in the area, Chase International successfully represents homes at all price levels.  For more information about Chase International, visit

Queen of Hearts Women’s Fund May 8, 2014 Squaw Valley


“For the Love of Food!  Humble Solutions for a Changing World”

Join us for an evening of intelligent food and
delicious conversation!

May 8, 2014.

5:00 pm  Welcome Reception
6:00 pm  Dinner Begins

Keynote Speaker: Mary Risley

Special Guests:  Susie Sutphin, Tahoe Food Hub
Billy McCullough, Chef
local farmers

Please RSVP by April 28th


 Keynote Speaker – Mary Risley

            Mary Risley started the highly regarded Tante Marie’s Cooking School is SF over 30 years ago, and was honored as the “Cooking Teacher of the Year” by Bon Appetit magazine in 1997.  She founded Food Runners, a SF based grass roots organization that picks up excess food from businesses and delivers it to agencies feeding the hungry.  She was awarded the “Humanitarian of the Year” by the James Beard Foundation in 1998.  


Farm to Table Dinner

Menu created by Billy McCullough and Jason Friendy
Food sourced by Tahoe Food Hub from local farmers.

The Queen of Heart’s Women’s Fund strengthens and inspires women to engage in significant philanthropy, resulting in an improved quality of life in the North Tahoe Region.

As One, We Are Strong.
Together, We Are Powerful.

For More Information Visit

Lake Tahoe Region Ski Resorts Closing Dates 2014

Tahoe Ski Resorts Closing Dates 2014


Alpine Meadows: April 20
Boreal Mountain Resort: April 20
Diamond Peak Ski Resort: April 13
Heavenly Lake Tahoe: April 20
Kirkwood Ski Resort: April 27
Northstar California™ Resort: April 20
Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort: April 20
Sugar Bowl: April 20
Squaw Valley: April 27


Lake Tahoe 2013 Single Family Lakefront Sales

2013 Year End Stats Top Companies_Lakefronts

Properties sold over $5 Million Lake Tahoe Region

Reserve your tickets before April 18th!

15th Annual
Best of Tahoe Chefs
A Kaleidoscope of Color!
Please join us for an evening of Dinner, Wine, Dancing and Chef Auction to benefit the Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center.  100% of donations support Patient and Family programs & services.

MAY 18, 2014


A friendly reminder that this is always a sell-out event and tickets are selling  fast!

Ticket price increases after April 18th.

Buy your tickets TODAY!

You’re Cordially Invited to a Broker Open at

4784 N Lake Blvd
Carnelian Bay Lake Tahoe 

Tuesday, March 4th
11:00 – 1:00 pm

      Silver Blue Lakefront Lodge

Use morning tranquil blue waters to launch a kayak from the pier or tie a dingy to 1 of 2 buoys then swim to shore for lunch on the sunny deck. It’s a short stroll to Garwood’s for a “Wet Woody” to watch the sunset.


A 1950’s immaculate cabin filled with rich history and old Tahoe charm.


5 bedrooms with an unobstructed lake view,
from all but one room.  

Offered at $2,995,000

Silver Blue Lakefront Lodge Video
Silver Blue Lakefront Lodge Video
*On the rental program with Marmot Luxury Vacation Rentals. 2 bedrooms do not have closets. Attic for extra storage. Garage also playroom; easy retrofit. Hot Tub, Gas BBQ. BMP certificate. Pier extension available to 6200 elevation or up to 30′ extended.*
Come to preview this fabulous property and enjoy some noshes! Leave your business card and be entered to win a lovely bottle of wine!

See you there,


Trinkie Watson_email

     Trinkie’s bio

Trinkie Watson, CIPS CLHMS

Regional Lake Tahoe Broker

530 582 0722  800 783 0722

BRE# CA 00326518  NV  001022  image004



Tahoe Sierra Stories


image004     leading RE logo



North Lake Tahoe Winter Mountain Festival


The first winter edition of the Alpenglow Mountain Festival February 16th through March 2, 2014.

The festival, which is presented by Nature’s Bakery, is a celebration of human-powered events, clinics, presentations, film and more. For beginning and intermediate winter recreation enthusiasts and will showcase nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing and natural history events.

Activities include daily ski tours and clinics, presentations and natural history excursions for outdoor enthusiasts. Most events are free, but space is limited and participants are encouraged to register online to assure spots.

A complete events schedule and map of locations can be downloaded from

Festival highlights include:

• Guided snowshoe, backcountry and nordic ski tours

• Cross-country skills and waxing clinics

• Avalanche safety skills clinics

• Presentations by leading athletes, historians and recreational enthusiasts

• The Dynafit Nachtspektakel, a German night ski touring event

• Gran Fondo nordic ski event with Olympian and Clif Bar athlete Katerina Nash

• Winter Wildlands Alliance Backcountry Film Festival

• Lake Tahoe nordic ski demo event

• AIARE certified field and classroom avalanche clinics

Raffle prizes from sponsors will be available and 100 percent of proceeds will benefit the nonprofit High Fives Foundation.

Alpenglow Sports is a Tahoe City-based shop that has been providing locals and tourists with inspiration, local knowledge and equipment to enjoy the great outdoors for more than 35 years.

SnowFest is returning to North Lake Tahoe for its 34th year! Sponsored by the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, SnowFest is ten days of fun-filled activities from February 28th to March 9th. The events are designed for people of all ages and interests. The most popular events from previous years will be repeated, and there are always new events to provide some variety. There will be snow related events, and non-snow related events, including wining and dining, races, parades theater and concerts.

This year’s theme: Bringing Back The 80s

SnowFest Event Not-to-Miss #1

Kickoff Party at Garwoods
When: Thursday, February 27th from 5-8pm
Where: Gar Woods, of course

The Complete SnowFest Event List

Thursday, February 27th
5pm  Kickoff SnowFest Party (at Gar Woods)
It’s a fundraiser and costs $25 at the door, which includes beer, wine, Wet Woodys and heavy appetizers. There will also be a substantial auction.

Friday, February 28th
6:00pm   SnowFest Queen Coronation (in Squaw Valley)
6:30pm   Laser Show & Torchlight Parde (in Squaw Valley on the mountain in the KT Base Bar area)
7:00pm   Fireworks on the mountain (in Squaw Valley near the KT Base Bar area)
7:30pm   Opening Ceremonies After Party (at Squaw Valley Plaza Bar)

Saturday, March 1st
7:00am   North Tahoe Firefighters Pancake Breakfast (at the North Tahoe Fire Station #51 on Fairway Drive in Tahoe City)
11:00am   Blue Agave’s Parade Central (at Blue Agave in Tahoe City)
11:00am   Rosie’s Parade Watching Party (at Rosie’s Cafe in Tahoe City)
11:30am   Tahoe City SnowFest Parade (downtown Tahoe City from Safeway to Save-Mart)
12:30pm   Pete n Peter’s Post Parade Party (at Pete n Peter’s in Tahoe City)
12:30pm   Paint The Bear (at North Tahoe Arts 380 North Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City)
1:00pm   Stohlgren Brothers Ice Cream Eating Contest (at the Tahoe City Fire Station)
2:30pm   Gar Woods Polar Bear Swim (on Gar Woods’ Pier, which includes complimentary appetizers)

Sunday, March 2nd
12:00pm   Tahoe City Golf Course Dog Pull (behind Bank of America)
1:00pm   Granlibakken’s Gone Bonkers Kids’ Ski Race (in Tahoe City)
3:00pm   Tahoe Mountain Man Contest (Homewood Mountain Resort in the North Lodge)
4:00pm   Sunnyside’s Annual Luau (at Sunnyside Resort)

Monday, March 3rd
4:00pm   Zano’s Godfather Pizza Challenge (at Zano’s Family Italian and Pizzeria on Donner Pass Road in Truckee)
8:00pm   Margarita Races and 80s Onesie DJ Party (Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City)
9:00pm   3rd Annual Grid Glow in the Snow (in Kings Beach)

Tuesday, March 4th
5:30pm   Meet the Squaw Rescue Dogs, our 4-legged heroes (at Tahoe City Visitors’ Center at the Y)
7:00pm   Pete n Peter’s Bar Game Olympics (at Pete n Peter’s) Pool, shuffleboard, dice and fooseball.

Wednesday, March 5th
1:00pm   Truckee River Winery Wine and Ice Competition (at Truckee River Winery Tasting Room)
6:00pm   Girls Night Out “Bunco Bash” (at North Tahoe Event Center in Kings Beach)

Thursday, March 6th
6:00pm   Unofficial Thursday Grand Prize Giveaway (at Hacienda in the Boatworks Mall, Tahoe City)
9:00pm   The Grid 80s Glow  (in Kings Beach)

Friday, March 7th
Mid-day   6th Annual Bridgetender Rib Fest

Saturday, March 8th
9:00am   Rahlves Banzai Tour (at Alpine Meadows)
10:00am   Dress Up Your Dog Contest (at North Tahoe Event Center in Kings Beach)
11:30am   Kings Beach SnowFest Parade (in downtown Kings Beach)
12:00pm   The Grid’s Floating 80s Parade Party (in Kings Beach)
12:30pm   Caliente After Parade Party and Raffle (in Kings Beach)
1:00pm   Snow What? Snow Building Contest (at Kings Beach Library)
2:00pm   Hacienda Tortilla Toss (Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City)
6:00pm   Lunafest Film, Food and Wine (at Olympic Village Lodge in Olympic Valley)
9:00pm   Lakeside’s Pink Party (in Tahoe City behind Safeway)

Sunday, March 9th
Rahlves’ Banzai Tour (at Alpine Meadows)
8:30am   Arctic Paddle Race (at Waterman’s Landing in Carnelian Bay)
12:00pm   River Ranch Snow Sculpture Contest (corner of Hwy 89 & Alpine Meadows Rd)
1:00pm   Tahoe Donner Ididarun (at Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area)
8:00pm   Fine n Funky Fashion Show (at Hacienda in the Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City)

Markets to Watch in 2014

Markets to Watch in 2014

Every year we scour markets, talk to agents and brokers, and dial in the latest stats to find the best prospects for the coming year. This year, there were more “best of” and “to watch” lists than ever. Some of our 14 for 2014 appeared on several; others are best bets based on year-end activity; and some, such as Detroit, just bear watching.

By Camilla McLaughlin

1. Atlanta — The recovery took its time getting here, but now it’s full on, with prices increasing by 16.4 percent in October, the third highest rate of increase among the 100 largest metros in the U.S. Cash offers “way above listing price” are not uncommon, especially for prime downtown condos, and the city is abuzz with new projects.

2. Cape Cod, Mass. — Bay State home sales and prices jumped in October. A hot third quarter made up for a slow start to 2013 for high-end sales on “the Cape,” and sets the stage for the spring market. Topping the charts is a $14 million transaction in Woods Hole.

3. Detroit — It might seem that the Motor City’s fate hangs in the balance, but local agents tell us young professionals are moving into mid-town. Dan Gilbert’s buys sparked broader interest among international investors. Listing prices are up 44 percent.

4. Houston — Move over Dallas, all bets are on Houston this year. Median list prices, home sizes and luxury features outpace Dallas. Inventories are low after 30 straight months of positive gains. While some activity in some price brackets began to taper off in the fall, there was no slowdown in luxury sales.

5. Los Angeles — The L.A. market has been on fire, but the city’s platinum enclaves set the pace for luxury, both globally and locally. Foreign buyers prize plum trophy homes. Interest from overseas will keep this market on high ground. The final stats are not in, but Coldwell Banker Previews International charts 84 closed sales of $10 million-plus and 13 in the $20 million and up categories in Westside luxury markets.

6. McLean, Va. — Northern Virginia dominates the list of highest income counties in the U.S., making for the best market since 2006 in this tony suburb and surrounding towns. Demand exceeds inventories with new homes hot commodities. Move-up buyers returned in 2013, and that’s one reason why 2014 will be even better.

7. Naples, Fla. — Slated by NAR as a top turnaround in 2014. Year-end saw a balanced market and the selling season hasn’t even begun. Locals make the comparison to Aspen. Foreign buyers (other than Canadians) are beginning to take a peek here. Brokers say interested buyers who don’t make a move will regret it.

8. Park City, Utah — The 2002 Olympics were just the beginning of the rise of this resort town’s star, which was voted “America’s best town.” Sundance brings the glitterati, but skiers, fly fisherman, hikers and bikers love the easy air access only 40 minutes away. Uber-luxury here competes with the best of them.

9. Santa Barbara, Calif. — The luster of this platinum enclave only shines brighter post recession. Median sale prices are up by almost 30 percent and list prices here are up by 33.39 percent with a $799,000 median price.

10. Santa Fe, N.M. — Low inventory put a damper on sales at the end of 2013, but the lifestyle, low property taxes and one of the most vibrant arts scenes (after New York and L.A.) in the country make it a strong contender for pre-retirement buyers. The city’s enchantment and weather lures buyers from Texas, California, Boston and New Orleans.

11. Seattle — It’s been a banner year with a 100-percent increase in the number of homes sold for $2 million and up. September’s stats were the highest for a September since 2006, with mid-to high-priced neighborhoods posting large increases. Asian buyers love Seattle, but the local economy, including Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon, keeps sales perking.

12. Stowe, Vt. — The recovery rolled into Stowe this year. Third quarter sales increased 21 percent over third quarter 2012, and sales in the $500,000-to-$1 million bracket nearly doubled. As more wealthy consumers look toward a second, rather than a move-up home, Stowe will see more activity.

13. Lake Tahoe — When November’s snow began to fly, homes moved off the market faster than in the previous four months. Single-family homes and condos are selling for 95 percent of asking price. A recent gem includes a Jay Jeffers-designed penthouse at the Ritz Carlton that sold for $5 million. Median prices spiked 19 percent year-over-year.

14. Vero Beach, Fla. — A top super ZIP code in the state, Vero evokes old Florida and old luxury. With 20 miles of oceanfront and 30 miles of river frontage, prime properties are plentiful. Last year, 68 percent of buyers hailed from South Florida, but the lifestyle and lack of income taxes bring newcomers from all over.

LA Times

By Lauren Beale

Three California locales made the short list of best U.S. ski towns for residential real estate investors, reports online housing marketplace RealtyTrac.

Whitefish, Mont., ranked first nationwide, followed by Truckee, Calif., near Squaw Valley; Vail, Colo.; Avon, Colo., near the Beaver Creek Resort, and Jackson, Wyo., with its Jackson Hole ski resort.

Other Golden State locations making the 19-area list were Mammoth Lakes in eighth place and South Lake Tahoe at 13th.

Rather than send their staffers out to measure slope grooming and days of fresh powder, RealtyTrac made their selections from communities of 2,500 residents or more with at least one ski mountain in the top 50 list compiled by Zrankings. Then they looked at vacancy rates, foreclosures, home values and other real estate factors to come up with a matrix.

Among the California contenders, the median home price was highest in Truckee at $379,492. Just above that price in that locale is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house of 1,327 square feet on a third of an acre listed for sale at $399,000.

The median price in Mammoth Lakes was $341,425. There, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo with 1,231 square feet of space is listed at $339,000.

In South Lake Tahoe, where the median price was $321,713, there’s a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house with updated interiors listed at $325,000. It’s a tad snug at 1,041 square feet but newly renovated.

Now for the weather to cooperate.,0,5833901.story#ixzz2sMbf4v5z




January 31, 2014

Obexer’s Boat Company, home of the first wooden boat dealership on Lake Tahoe, will be the site of the 44th annual Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance, August 8-9, 2014.  In making the announcement, Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation President David Olson said, “Lake Tahoe is synonymous with wooden boats. Our goal has always been to blend the history of these magnificent craft with the history of the Lake and what better venue than where they were first introduced to Tahoe.”

“We are also thrilled to bring the show to the Homewood community, also rich in history and home to the Tahoe Maritime Museum,” Olson added. “This partnership will not only bring back the authenticity of Lake Tahoe to the show, but reinforce the exclusive and intimate setting that makes TYCF’s Concours the premier wooden boat show in the country.”

J.P. Obexer’s Boat Company, which was founded in 1911 and introduced Gar Woods Boats to the Lake, is located on the west shore, 6.5 miles south of Tahoe City, Calif., on Hwy. 89.  The historic venue offers unbelievable views of the Lake and lends itself to incredible shopping and dining experiences with the show’s vendors and community.

“We, the Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation, are elated to make this announcement as our partnership with Obexer’s will ensure that this will be the best show to date. We look forward to releasing all the details shortly.”

For more information, visit or contact Liquid Blue Events at 775-851-4444 or


Please join us on facebook for all the up to date info.

About the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance


About the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance:
The Concours d’Elegance, begun in 1982 by Tahoe Yacht Club, has grown from an informal gathering of club members’ wooden boats to one of the most prestigious judged showings of vintage water craft in the nation. The Foundation was created in 1994 with the specific purpose of continuing the club’s dedication to expanding boating education and opportunities on Lake Tahoe by hosting the Concours d’Elegance show and accompanying events of Wooden Boat Week. As an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, TYCF is able to solicit corporate and personal sponsorships for the event with proceeds granted back to Lake Tahoe Basin non-profit organizations. The show – sponsors, exhibitors and attendees – is open to the public.

Turtleneck Tuesdays at Northstar!

Turtleneck Tuesdays at Northstar!
15 Years!

Turtleneck Tuesday Skate Nights
Tuesday, February 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th
Every Tuesday in February, Northstar California will donate
20% of the skate rentals to TTCF!
That gives us a chance to go out and have some fun
with our friends, donors, nonprofit leaders,
and the rest of the North Tahoe community that we love.
So come out and play.  Come skate with us!
Northstar Village Ice Skating Rink
Tuesdays in February.
 6pm to 9pm

Top Activities and Things to Do This Winter in Lake Tahoe Besides Skiing and Boarding

Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe South ShoreLAKE TAHOE, NV/CA (January 27, 2014) — Winter is here, yet Mother Nature seems to be holding out a bit on us – so why not take advantage of the pristine mountain air & sunny skies and try a few of the winter activities that usually play second fiddle to the slopes.

Everyone loves Lake Tahoe for its incredible skiing and riding and the good news is that most ski resorts have been making snow at night working hard to keep the slopes in great condition by day. But with less snow this season that most, it may be that special opportunity to ski one day and play the next. Today, released a list of creative, fun, enjoyable, ingenious, and exciting things to do in Lake Tahoe this winter besides skiing and boarding.

“Once winter hits most people think Tahoe is all about the slopes. Skiing and boarding is obviously what makes Tahoe so special, but there are plenty of other things to do that are fun for the entire family, affordable and exciting,” said Lindsey Skinner, editor at

Here is Lindsey’s list of things to do other that skiing and riding for 2014:

1- Drive around Lake Tahoe: Free and priceless! The Lake Tahoe Scenic Drive is a 72-mile paved drive that takes a few leisurely hours. While the sun is out and the roads are clear, the recommendation is to pack a picnic and drive around the Lake. Best places to stop for lunch, a snack or a photo include Emerald Bay, Inspiration Point, Sand Harbor, Tahoe City, Tallac Historic Site, Inspiration Point, Sugar Pine, Cave Rock, Incline Village, Kiva Beach (with dog), and Logan Shoals.

2 – Enjoy the view from a helicopter: Everybody claims they know the best lookout point in Lake Tahoe, but none can beat the view from a helicopter. Reno Tahoe Helicopter provides spectacular tours of the Lake, so enjoy the view from a heated helicopter cabin.

3 – Search for the loosest slots: Try the loosest slots in Nevada this winter at one of the casino hotel resorts. From Horizon, Harrah’s and Harveys in South Lake Tahoe to The Hyatt Regency in North Lake Tahoe, the slots and free drinks are calling.

4 – Try a cruise on Lake Tahoe: The sun is out, and though we would love some snow it is a great opportunity to get out on the Lake and enjoy a cruise. The M.S Dixie is in operation, with one Emerald Bay Sightseeing Cruise a day, and a dinner cruise on the weekend. So get out on the Lake and enjoy the day… See Lake Tahoe Cruises for updated information on day and night cruises and availability.

5 – Cast a reel: With few people venturing out on the winter Lake, now is the best time to try your luck catching dinner in Lake Tahoe. A trained fishing guide knows where to go and this time of year, the Mackinaw (Lake Trout) are biting. Lake Tahoe fishing charters are the way to go, so use the Virtual Tahoe fishing guide to find the best ones.

6 – Relax at a day spa: Take a deep breath in and relax at one of Lake Tahoe’s rejuvenating day spas. The basin is known for its healing qualities, so there is no better place to enjoy a trip to the day spa. For a list of spas in South Lake Tahoe visit

7 – Spend the day in Tahoe City and Truckee: For visitors staying in South Lake Tahoe, a day trip to Tahoe City and Truckee is highly recommended. Both sport a lovely downtown area that is packed with delicious restaurants, shopping and friendly faces.

8 – Check out Fallen Leaf Lake: A hop and a skip away from the chaos of South Lake Tahoe sits Fallen Leaf Lake, a peaceful area just South of Lake Tahoe. Enjoy the beautiful views of this smaller and more tranquil lake.

9 – Go shopping: Both South and North Lake boast great places to go shopping. Try the Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City to Buffalo Trading Post in downtown South Lake Tahoe.

10 – Granlibakken snow hill in Tahoe City. Sledding is great for all ages, and Granlibakken is making snow right now, so grab a sled and hit the hills!



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